Military Law Practice

We believe that everyone who serves in the Military deserves a commitment from counsel to make it their mission to defend you against whatever claims the government has alleged. We understand the hardships and sacrifices that our Service Members endure, especially during the War on Terror, because we have lived through those hardships with you. As a result, we will stand by you during every step of the legal process.

The attorneys in Fusco Carey’s military law practice have served on active-duty as Judge Advocates, as military prosecutors, defense counsel, and as professors at the United States Army Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School, the premier institute for military justice training and an American Bar Association Accredited School.

The following are some of the practice areas where our experience as Military and civilian attorneys will help simplify and resolve your case:

  • Courts-Martial for Military Offenses Under the UCMJ
  • Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment and Wrongful Sexual Contact
  • Adultery in the Military
  • AWOL, Unauthorized Absence and Desertion
  • False Official Statement
  • Officer Misconduct & Conduct Unbecoming
  • Fraternization
  • Positive Urinalysis Tests
  • Law of Armed Conflict

Administrative Actions

  • Non-Judicial Punishment (Article 15, Captains’ Mast, Office Hours) and Appeals
  • Administrative Reductions and Separations from the Military
  • General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand responses
  • Officer Evaluation Report Appeals
  • Article 15-6 Investigations and Commander’s Inquiries
  • Medical Evaluation Boards
  • Show Cause Boards
  • Security Clearance Revocations
  • Military and VA Benefits

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